When Hallows’ Eve rolls around, most of us are two bowls deep into the candy stash and rocking some sort of ridiculous costume. However, if you and your boo (see what I did there?) look to Morticia and Gomez Addams for your #relationshipgoals, October 31st may also be a great night to get hitched. If you’re saying “I do” to more than an epic costume this Halloween, here are 12 ways to have a spooky wedding that’s also totally gorgeous.

1. Black Linens: Give things an instantly gothic feel by skipping the white linens in favor of black. (via Ruffled + Photo Pink)

2. Smoking Cocktails: Create your signature beverage of choice and then give it a spooky spin by incorporating dry ice, which gives drinks this cool smoking effect. However, there are some important safety precautions to take into account when working with dry ice. Read more about that here. (via Analisa Joy + Ruffled)

3. Witches’ Brew Favors: Send guests home with this fun (and alcoholic) keepsake. (via The Knot + Luke and Cat Photography)

4. Black Wedding Dress: If you’re not much for tradition, ditch the white dress and replace it with one that offers a bit more of a gothic vibe. (via Simply Sera)

5. Black Bridesmaid Dresses: If you’re into the black attire idea but still want to wear a white dress, get the same effect by having your bridesmaids rock the dark color instead of you. (via Ruffled + Millie B. Photography)

6. Wedding Mask: Forget the traditional veil and instead rock an elegant mask until you reach the end of the aisle. (via Meghan Savage Photography)

7. Candle Centerpieces: To instantly up the spook factor, ditch the expected pumpkin centerpieces for vintage-inspired black and gold candle fixtures. (via Megan Robinson + Green Wedding Shoes)

8. Black and Gold Cake: Spooky? Yes. Delicious? Definitely. (via Ruffled + Photo Pink)

9. Moss Covered Chandeliers: If those candle pieces aren’t enough for you, take it up a notch by also adding dilapidated-looking chandeliers covered in moss. (via Done Brilliantly + Christina Watkins Photography)

10. Pumpkin-Lined Aisle: If you want to incorporate some classic Halloween decorations, line the aisle with some pretty, plump pumpkins. To up the spook factor and keep with a dark color scheme, paint the pumpkins black. (via Bridal Musings and Rachael Lindsy)

11. Scrollwork Gatefold ($5): Start things off on the right foot by greeting your guests with this laser cut invite that totally resembles the gates of a haunted house.

12. Dark Bouquet: What would go great with that black dress? Why, a super dark bouqet, of course! (Trendy Bride +  Camera Art Photography)

Are you having a Halloween wedding? What do you have planned for your day? Share with us in the comments below.