Have you considered going handmade for Halloween? You have one night a year to escape into a look that’s a little… wild, so maybe you should look past the plastic store-bought stuff and treat yourself to something extra special. Trust us, these masks are truly handmade treasures, even if they’re going to give you nightmares.

1. African Painted Dog Mask ($82): We love the intricate detail in the lighter shapes. It makes this dog look like it’s straight out of a storybook.

2. Elephant Mask ($68): Elephant figurines are often treated as good luck charms, so hopefully a lot of luck will come from this adorable mask!

3. Deer Mask ($120): This is one fanciful fawn. We’d love to see this mask paired with a brown onepiece painted with deer markings. Although this faux fur coat does make the mask look pretty fierce.

4. Lion Mask ($68): The bright colors and teeth make this tiger super festive — and check out that texture! You could even amplify the mane with a DIY fuzzy hood or some serious curls.

5. Paper Mache Fox Mask ($128): The hand-painted quality and soft edges of this super sly fox will make you look like a gorgeous children’s illustration come to life. You could easily rock a Mr. and Mrs. Fox costume with this mask on your mug.

6. Fox Mask ($68): How absolutely adorable is this? A little more detailed than the paper mache fox above, this one is a bit more youthful. Try it out for you or your kiddos!

7. Hawk Mask ($72): Take on more of a tribal mystique as a follkloric hawk. With this on your head, you could deck out the rest of your body to look like a totem pole!

8. Knit Panda Mask ($45): If it’s cold where you live on Halloween, this is not only a cute choice but a practical one! If you don’t want to buy, you could probably DIY this one without too much grief.

9. White Rabbit Mask ($92): You can go as just a white rabbit, or with a clock and an Alice you could be Wonderland’s albino bunny for a themed group costume.

10. Giraffe Mask ($85): Does this remind anyone else of The Lion King on Broadway? It’s an elegant mask repping an elegant creature.

11. Goat Mask ($138): OK, this goat is a little creepy, but it is Halloween right? You could go all the way and dress yourself in fur and hooves, or just stay monochromatic in grey or white and let the mask steal the show.

12. Black Leather Cat Mask ($60): And of course there’s the classic black cat. Whether you want to go cute and cuddly or more seductive a la Catwoman, this mask will get you halfway there.

13. Raven Mask ($59): Take flight with this intricate leather bird mask. You can wear this as a fierce, ornate addition to a formal dress for a masquerade ball.

14. Wolf Mask ($70): How great would this be worn along side a Red Riding Hood? Whether you go group or solo, this wolf makes a big statement.

15. Tiger Mask ($85): Here’s another more elegant take on a fanciful feline. Accentuate this tiger mask with fierce striped hair to complete the look.

Do you rock masks for Halloween? Tell us some of your favorites in the comments below!