Just when we thought we鈥檇 seen it all, a new type of blowdryer stepped on the scene that鈥檚 totally *blown* us away (sorry, had to!). While the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer totally blew our minds when it launched, this new product from CHI is serving up a crazy cool new design that might completely change the way you dry your hair.


The CHI DURA Handshot Dryer ($145) is a blow dryer without the handle. You grip it from its nozzle, which provides a lot more control and lets the user have a limitless range of motion. The real innovation comes in the way its able to 鈥榮tand up鈥 on its own on a flat surface, thanks to a few little legs that center the device. Genius.

If you want a super styled blowout, propping this baby up on its 鈥榝eet鈥 might not be the best option because you want to have full control over the nozzle. That said, if you鈥檇 rather dry your locks quickly and sport a more natural, tousled look, this product could totally transform your morning hair routine.

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(Photos via LOXA BEAUTY)