Your average celebrity might have dropped an album or starred in a new movie this week, but Tom Hanks was bringing an OG gadget back for your new school device. Don’t think there’s anything else we downloaded that can compete with that? Think again — even the Brit + Co iOS app had an update that you better DL ASAP. This was a good week to be an app and an even better week to be someone who gets to download them.

1. Cucalu: The maker’s site proclaims “it’s not an app,” and, after further inspection, we would have to agree. You take photos, but this is not merely a photo app. You play a game, but it’s definitely not just a game app. What Cucalu is, is a treasure map trapped on your phone, where the adventure is a series of photo-based missions and the chest full of gold at the end is rediscovering your creativity. Which is way better than gold. Cucalu is all about getting you to think beyond your screen and have more fun IRL and we cannot think of two bucks better spent.

Cost: $1.99 for iOS

2. Generative Scarves: Art, design and tech come together in this beautiful, weird little app that lets you create abstract patterns that you can use as screenshots and backgrounds on your digital devices. You know we love a good wallpaper and you could use this to craft one that brings your old Trapper Keeper tastes up to 2014 speed. You can then submit your best creations to be made into a totally unique, designed-by-you scarf.

Cost: Free for iOS

3. Hanx Writer: Hi, Tom Hanks made an app this week to bring the typewriter experience to iOS and this is it and it is pretty freakin’ cool. Care went into recreating the look and feel of writing on an old school word processor with Tom’s hope that you might use this to write the next great American novel. You can even connect to a wireless keyboard and email, print and share documents from the app. I personally have some very fuzzy memories of tip tapping away on my grandma’s typewriter, so might make this my next writing tool.

Cost: Free for iPad

4. Curator: This is the app that every maker and creative needs to have in their toolkit. Curator lets you collect, organize and present your ideas in a beautiful, visual way on your iPad. It’s like having your own personal Pinterest dedicated to displaying your wares. Add websites, images and text to the little tiles to present them on demand. Re:Make makers, this one’s for you.

Cost: Free for iPad, in-app essentials purchase = $6.99

5. Parenthoods: There’s the pristine, picture perfect snapshot of parenthood you might see filtered through your Facebook feed and then there’s Parenthoods. Think of this on-the-go social network like the Real World of parent meetups meant to connect you with fellow ‘rents in your city. Available only in San Francisco for starters, Parenthoods gives you a functional forum to get advice, share resources and lend support for both the wins and the misses of raising little ones. As they put it, “save your highlight reel for Facebook.” This isn’t about racking up likes, it’s about gathering worthy, real life advice — you can even post questions you’re embarrassed about anonymously.

Cost: Free for iOS

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What was your favorite app download this week? Share with us below!