Should you find yourself in Tokyo and in search of a coffee don’t be surprised if you hit up a cafe and walk out with a new animal obsession. As the OG city of cat cafes, the idea of cuddly animals residing in these communal businesses has become not just a Japanese treasure but an idea that’s been adopted all over the globe. Adorable (and often adoptable!) kittens can now be found in various cafes in the US, and LA just introduced their first dog cafe (we repeat: DOG cafe). But always one to push the envelope, Japan has expanded on the business concept yet again by opening up the world’s first hedgehog cafe.

The new spot to sip on a latte and cuddle with a hedgehog is called Harry (a play on the animal’s name in Japanese) and opened this past February. It’s located in Tokyo’s Roppongi entertainment district. Pay the entry fee of $9-$12 and you’ll score yourself an hour of quality time with 20 to 30 hedgehogs of different breeds who are there hanging out and snoozing in glass tanks.

Oh man, the cuteness. The cuddliness! Tokyo’s not THAT far, right?!

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