Kendall Jenner may have decided to NOT address the entire Pepsi controversy, hoping that people will forget about it sooner rather than later, but Heineken seems to have a better idea. The company has just released a politically infused ad of their own and, honestly, it’ll give you chills.


As you’ll likely recall, Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi commercial set up a fake protest so that the celeb could whip off her wig and sweep in with some refreshing cans of soda, which was deemed more than a little offensive (and totally tone-deaf) by plenty of fans and foes.

Heineken, on the other hand, has taken pretty much the exact opposite route, asking you to #OpenYourWorld while you’re opening a bottle. There are no famous folks in their ad: just normal, everyday people. Instead of a fake protest, there are various individuals with different views coming together on their own terms. It’s stark. It’s pointed. It’s incredible.

Heineken _ OpenYourWorld

Heineken offers the chance to get to know one another, and when differences arise, those involved are invited to walk away or stay for a beer and discussion.

Instead of co-opting real-life demonstrations of struggle, Heineken merely shows how their product (in a way) can be used to truly bring people together. Check out their ad below:

Well done, Heineken! And Cheers!

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(h/t FastCompany; photo via Stringer/Getty, screenshot)