Do we even still teach our kids how to mail letters? We sure hope so, but snail mail is starting to pile up and Santa has a new way to talk to the kiddos that’s a bit more up to date. Yep, this year, Santa does video chat.

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Via video message or live chat, your kids can hear from Santa without even having to step foot in a mall. To live chat with Santa, you go to the Hello Santa website and put in a little bit of info about your kids — name, age, favorite Christmas tradition, hobbies, etc. This way, when they get to chat with Santa, the conversation is specific to them. The same goes for the live video, which will be sent to you via email afterward. Whether by live video or pre-recorded message, every conversation with Santa is completely unique.


Your little ones can let Santa know what’s on their list or ask him questions about the North Pole or his Christmas Eve journey and he can answer in real time. You can hang on to your kids’ chat with Santa and revisit it every year. Who knows? It may even be a new tradition to add to milk and cookies.

The service works with iPhone and iPad and each call is $30. Reserve your spot with Santa at

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