In the never-ending search for your next favorite jam, you may feel like you’ve exhausted every single song on Earth. Or maybe you just don’t know where to start looking. Why not start with what’s in the palm of your hand? (Hint: We mean your iPhone.) Turns out, Siri is actually the world’s most knowledgable DJ. Here’s how she can lead you to your new favorite song.

Young woman wearing headphones and dancing

1. Ask Siri for similar songs. If you’re jamming to a song on Apple Music, you can simply tell Siri “Play me more songs like this one,” and she’ll queue up similar tracks. Siri is just using Apple Music’s recommendations with this trick, but it’s a cool, hands-free way to find new songs.

2. Have Siri go back in time. If you’re a sucker for hits of the ’90s, just tell Siri and she’ll get a playlist of 25 songs ready for you. Try telling Siri something like, “Play hits from 2002,” and she’ll make it so.

3. Find out what’s playing now. Even if you don’t have Shazam on your phone, Siri can tap into the app’s technology. When you’re out and you hear a song you like, ask Siri “What song is this?” and she’ll analyze it and let you know. Once you have that song saved, you can use the first trick (“Play songs like this one”) and keep an endless stream of new tracks.

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(h/t Field Guide; photo via Getty)