College student Hunter Jabbins had a bit of a scare last week when, after leaving his car unlocked for 15 minutes, he returned to find things amiss.

Someone had been in his car and had taken his belongings, as was evidenced by the note they left behind. Yet it wasn’t valuables this thief was after — it was the Kit Kat (have you tried our homemade version?) in the cupholder.

“I am sorry and hungry,” the anonymous confessor wrote.

Things might have ended there, but Hunter took to Twitter to share his story. Kit Kat got wind of the story, and quite frankly? They were outraged. “Who steals someone’s Kit Kit?!” they wrote. “WHO DOES THAT?!”

They reached out to Hunter via Twitter, requesting that he DM them in an effort to allow him to make things right.

Boy did they ever — 6,500 times over. That’s the number of Kit Kat bars they filled Hunter’s car with, just in time for National Candy Day!

Ever the giver, Hunter shared the wealth with his entire campus (no word on whether or not the original thief was among them).

Dang. And we thought we had it good with the leftover Halloween candy (shamers be darned)! Congratulations on turning your lemons into lemonade, Hunter! Er, missing candy into extra!

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(h/t Today, photos via @jabbins)