Our dessert-loving hearts have been aflutter with the news that Hershey’s and Reese’s are launching cans of dairy whipped topping, and now we know where to find it. After reaching out to all our reps, Walmart confirmed to Brit + Co that the low-price stores will start selling the cans of whipped toppings the first week of October!

So far these tasty concoctions have only been spotted at Hy-Vees in the midwest. Since we know they are coming to a major retailer, tasting them will be in our grasp soon enough… Walmart couldn’t confirm the pricing just yet, and while we don’t have TOO many details on these launches, our imagination is filling the gaps.

The very CONCEPT of candy-flavored whipped creams has us dreaming up the opportunities… Place it atop milkshakes, scoops of ice cream, hot cocoa, and maybe even waffles. Or, let’s be honest, who among us is above shooting it straight into our mouths old-school style? Yep, we can hardly wait!

Will you be trying one of the new whipped toppings? Let us know @BritandCo!

(Images via Hershey)