The cartoons of the ’90s were really something else. Growing up with shows like Doug, Rugrats, Recess and CatDog made us somewhat spoiled when it comes to animated television, TBH. And there will always be one show that comes to mind when we think of prime ’90s Nickelodeon: Hey Arnold! The chilled-out city boy and his friends were always getting up to something back then — and apparently, not much has changed. Nick announced plans to bring back the beloved program for a TV-movie special back in March. And while at Comic Con this week, the network decided to debut a first look of the upcoming flick in the form of some original artwork.


It’s been a whopping 12 years since Arnold and his gang said goodbye, but miraculously, it looks like none of them have aged a day. And hey, it even looks as though good old Grandpa Phil is still going strong.


The network also shared a few photos of Arnold with his BFF and not-so-secret admirer Helga, as well as some stills of each character — including Helga’s studious sidekick Phoebe.


According to Variety, “The two-hour movie [will focus] on Arnold’s quest to discover the fate of his late parents” and is set to air sometime in 2017. Until then, we’ll just have to tune into the nightly block of ’90s cartoons that airs on TeenNick for our daily dose of nostalgia.

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(Photos via Nickelodeon)