Hang on to your Lunchables, put down your pogs and prepare yourselves for some news that will make every ’90s kid dance with joy. Variety reports that everyone’s favorite football head is coming back to TV — this time, as a movie! Yes, we’re talking about the classic Nickelodeon kids’ show Hey Arnold! Holy cow — first Rugrats and now Hey Arnold? We cannot wait! Between 1996 and 2004, we caught pretty much every episode featuring that city slick, oval-headed fourth-grader and his gang. Seeing him on TV again really stirs up some serious nostalgia.


What we know so far about the TV movie is that it’ll pick up where the series left off and it will be written and produced by original Hey Arnold! creator Chris Bartlett. OMG. Can’t wait!

Nickelodeon recently installed The Adventures of Pete & Pete creator Chris Viscardi as senior vice president of content development for franchise properties, and he’s been tasked with not only overseeing some of Nickelodeon’s current hits, but also digging into the vault of Nickelodeon cartoons for possible revivals. This potentially means old shows like Ren and Stimpy and possibly even Doug (oh, Quailman, how we’ve missed you!).

We can’t count the number of hours we wasted away during summer break watching those Nickelodeon cartoons. Seeing the characters again would sure feel like seeing some old friends.

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