You鈥檙e grabbing lunch with your coworker/work wife when you hand over your phone to show her your Europe vacation photos. She鈥檚 getting scroll happy on your phone and goes right past the point where the vacation ends and right smack into your series of kind of embarrassing selfies you took in the airport bathroom. Uh. Whoops. Sound familiar? What if we told you there鈥檚 a way to keep that kind of mortifying scenario from ever happening again?

Yep, Apple built a cool feature into iOS that allows you to hide photos from your Collections, Moments and Years albums. Here鈥檚 how you can hide those embarrassing pics, still have access to them + unhide them if you want.


First, click into your Photos app.


Scroll to the photos you鈥檇 like to hide, then hit the Select option in the upper right hand corner.


Once you鈥檝e selected which photos you鈥檇 like to be private, go down to the bottom left corner and tap the Export symbol in the bottom left corner.


This view should come up with your selected photos up top and a range of options of where you want to send them. Tap on Hide.


This little warning will pop up to let you know that while the photos won鈥檛 be shown in your Moments, Collections and Years, they will still be in your albums. This is NOT a fail-safe, totally private way to save and hide those 鈥 ahem 鈥 indecent photos.


Tap back to your Albums and boom! Like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter, a brand new album called Hidden has magically appeared in your roster.


When you open up the Hidden album, you鈥檒l find all the photos you鈥檇 rather not appear in your Moments.


If you ever decide you鈥檝e got nothing to hide after all, follow steps 2-4 when you鈥檙e inside your Hidden album, and this view should come up. Tap on Unhide and your photos will be restored into your Moments album.


If you just need to hide one photo, from inside your Moments album, tap and hold down on the photo you want to hide until this little pop-up appears. Then, just select Hide, and that single image will be banished to your Hidden album. Warning: this feature isn鈥檛 available for you iOS 9 beta users. Not sure why Apple decided to do away with it :(

Happy hiding, folks!

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(h/t Tech Insider, Sean Gallup/Getty)