Finding the perfect jean is sort of like finding the perfect boyfriend. It’s no easy feat. While a pair might work magically in some ways, it usually doesn’t function so well in others. But we’ve all had that miracle moment when you finally find the dream pair, which you wear until they can be worn no more – or they rip right down the middle. Don’t be embarrassed — it has happened to us all. If you’re currently in the “looking” phase of your next denim relationship, allow us to play Cupid. Introducing Hip Chixs, a premium pair of denim you can wear all year long.


Hip Chixs is a Texas-based, American-made denim line that sets itself apart in a few different ways. The trademark element of this brand is definitely the angled pockets and curved yoke, both of which are designed to help make your booty look its best. Amen to that. But these pants aren’t solely made to help you look good; they’re also meant to be functional. Hip Chixs jeans are made using a lightweight, breathable denim that you can wear year-round. Yes, even in summer.


The last and maybe most important element of this line is the pants’ ability to retain its shape. It’s always the worst when you think you love a pair only to then wear them and realize they actually stretch to almost an entire size bigger. Hip Chixs are made to recover their shape in less than 5 minutes, unlike other jeans on the market that take an average of 30 minutes.


If you’re itching to get your hands on a pair, you have three styles to choose from: Skinny Bootie, Straight and Narrow and Skinny Indigo. All of them are already available for purchase on their website and range from $145 to 187 for a pair. However, if you’re looking to snag yours for cheaper, head over to their Kickstarter campaign before May 7th and can you get them for almost $100 off.

Go ahead and put that pint of ice cream down, it looks like you might just find love again after all.

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