Let’s talk about what’s going on in our backpack for a minute. It’s a mess of laptops, tablets, extra battery packs, headphones and chargers. Oh, and then there’s our phone. Speaking of our phone… where is our phone, and how the heck are we supposed to find it in this dark hole!?!? Well, what if you could call your phone with a touch of a button from your backpack? It’d be pretty rad, eh? Yeah, we agree. And now there’s a backpack that lets you do that and oh-so much more. It’s called HiSmart, and it’s currently raising funds on Indiegogo.


The HiSmart is every adventurer’s dream bag. It can transform into a messenger, sling tote and backpack. Its waterproof canvas is made out of nylon and Italian leather, so if you’re ever caught in the rain without an umbrella, your electronics will be safe inside any of the 12 compartments. But really, all of that is child’s play when compared to the built-in HiRemote, a sleek dial that lets you control your phone right from the arm strap.


Answering phone calls, toggling through playlists and taking selfies (or belfies) can all be done from the HiRemote. As cool as all of this is, our ultimate favorite feature has got to be the voice recording that lets you “jot” down your ingenious ideas or add items to your grocery list by saying them out loud. You can even geo pin locations. So if you walk by a new restaurant that you just have to try, or want to remember where you parked your car, pin it and you’re in it to win it.


Like we’ve already mentioned, if you’re notorious for misplacing your phone all the time (it’s cool, it happens), download the HiSmart app, click the buddy system button on your HiRemote and your phone will start ringing.


We don’t know about you, but we’re heading over to their Indiegogo page and checking out all the perks, and even eyeing that early bird pledge of $199.

How rad is this bag? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.