The holiday season is without a doubt the most documented time of year — especially with a new baby in the family. It’s always fun to snap in-the-moment Instagram shots, but this season we think you should kick it up a notch with these memory-making photo shoots.

1. Cabin Cuddles: Yeah, the fireplace at the cabin is cozy, but why not take the photo shoot outside and play with nature (the little ones will love it). Trust us, the results will be worth enduring the frigid air for an hour. (via Wildflowers Photography)

2. Get Lost in the Woods: Little fans of Where The Wild Things Are will love wandering the forest while being followed by a woodland creature (okay, it’s only the photographer). Just promise us you won’t stay out there past sunset. (via Bethany Photography)

3. Picnic in the Pines: Grab the essentials for s’mores, a mug of cocoa and a flannel blanket and bring ’em down to your favorite green scene for a low-key festive shoot with your clan. (via Alissa Saylor Photography)

4. Babies in a Blanket: Switch up the standard pigs in a blanket (or in a bed) by wrapping your cuddlebug(s) in the warmest blanket you have — then snuggle and snap away. (via The Little Umbrella)

5. Baby Santa: Just because your little one may not have the license to steer a sleigh doesn’t mean you can’t deck them out in St. Nick’s duds and capture all the beardless cuteness. (via Photo-Studio)

6. Winter Wagon: Drop your little elves into their fave four-wheeler and trek across the nearest open field for this natural stunner. Take it up a notch and deck yourself out as reindeer. (via Melanie Mauer)

7. Got Milk (And Cookies): You know you’re gonna taste test Santa’s treats with your youngster before Christmas Eve rolls around, so why not turn the sample session into a photo one? (via Caressa Rogers Photography)

8. Belles And Baubles: Turn up the jams (“Let It Go” on repeat still, right?), pop the bubbly (grape juice for the little ones, of course) and get the camera on the tripod. You’re bound to get some countdown-worthy images. (via Heidi Hope Photography)

9. Oh My Gosh, Becky. Look at Their Baby: We all understand the baby is the main attraction for holiday cards, so why not get a little camera shy and give them the spotlight they deserve? (via Not Your Average Girl)

10. Piggyback Time: It’s a wise move to let your little monkeys use you as a jungle gym. Not only will the climbing wear them out, but the resulting shots will eye-popping. (via The Littlest Blog)

11. Covered in Confetti: Dump a pound of confetti (or glitter) on your cutie and let the gigglefest or crying begin. Either way, we’re confident it will come out looking adorable. (via Oh Joy!)

12. Baby Banners: What better way to send your holiday well wishes than through a baby and a handmade banner. Message delightfully received. (via Sada Lewis Photography)

13. Apple Pickin’: Turn your backyard into something from a fairytale by hanging apples, or your family’s favorite fruit, from the trees. The results will be delightful (and appetizing). (via Pasha Belman Photography)

14. Balloon Bonanza: Throw the most epic NYE party in early December with balloons (on balloons), glitter and pearls. Stock up on the bubbly — you’ll need it after the cleanup ;) (via Amy Aiello Photography)

15. Mommy’s Been Naughty: Dress up your SO as Santa and see how your little one reacts. Shock, scared, whatever the expression, it will be photo-worthy. (via Barbara Banks Photography)

16. Winter Wonderland: Make enough paper trees to create a forest in your place, then take a stroll through it. You’ll feel like you’re in the South Pole (hopefully not temperature-wise though). (via Millie Holloman Photography)

17. PJ Party: This has got to be the most convenient photo shoot session we’ve ever seen. Roll out of bed and into a string of lights and you’re good to light up in front of the camera. (via Pink Pistachio)

18. Wrapped in Love: PJ posing not your thing? Dress up the lighted look with your best smart-casual outfit and you’re good to shoot. (via Brandon Lopez)

19. Snow Baby: Layer up and head out into the snow; the falling flakes will do the rest in capturing the magic. (via Brooke Kelly Photography)

20. Do You Want To Build a Snowman: As the snow keeps coming down, head out into it and make your own Olaf. While rolling and accessorizing the frozen guy, document the entire experience, as there will be at least a dozen fantastic shots. (via Bubbaloo Photography)

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Did any of these photos inspire you to have a winter-themed holiday photo shoot with your bundle of joy? Tweet us your photo or let us know in the comments below.