This has been a rough year for the bobby pin. Shunned at New York Fashion Week with its purpose totally questioned and intentionally overlooked thanks to the rise of snag-free elastics, the trusty, simple hair pins have definitely seen better days. That said, Rooney Mara and Sienna Miller鈥榮 recent pin-spired 鈥榙os might help bobby pins make a comeback 鈥 only time will tell. While we鈥檙e all waiting for the verdict, you should start considering other options besides straight-up pins 鈥 there鈥檚 a lot of cool stuff out there, like a new take on the classic pin that might have you totally rethinking your stand on the great bobby pin debate.


Conair Style and Clip Pins have totally changed our hair game for the better, and it鈥檚 easy to tell why. These sturdy metal pins can actually be *layered* to create multiple styles, from updos to ponytails to those trendy half-up, half-down looks. They鈥檙e basically like a Swiss Army Knife in bobby pin form. While they鈥檒l undoubtedly be holiday party hair lifesavers, you can use them to hack a slew of different looks. We started thinking outside of the box when we got our hands on these pins and came up with a fun, easy way to style a holiday braid *two ways*.



Here鈥檚 how they work: The bottom layer of these sturdy metal pins, which come in a set of 12, holds the hair while the top layer is used to create and weave your own style. These pins are so on point for any hairstyle you want to DIY 鈥 the hold they have is insane!

Step 2: Roll, Clip and Repeat


Roll your first side layer of hair backward and snap this bad boy in as you would a regular bobby pin 鈥 like I said earlier, this one鈥檚 got serious grip, so you鈥檒l only need one.


Keep rolling and pinning hair in a backward motion, while leaving some hair out to cascade to the front, like Nicki has going on!


Set pins down the length of your hair.



Now, clip your hair in the upper pin section to hold the lacing, which you should be doing on top of your existing style. This is where the magic really comes in: adding dimension and sophistication to your style!


Lace it up, lace it up! There is really no wrong way to do it. We love how you can make this style all your own 鈥 just get creative!


Pretty, right?! This style looks great from all angles. Spray some holding hairspray if desired and you鈥檙e done.


It might be one of the most perfectly un-done hairstyles we鈥檝e seen 鈥 great for dressing up a snuggly sweater or a romantic look to wear with your winter jumpsuit. Now that we鈥檝e got this style down, let鈥檚 kick things up a notch, because we鈥檙e thinking about hitting the dance floor!

Step 4: Now, Let鈥檚 Make a Quick Updo


Our second look is a slightly fancier variation of the first lace braid 鈥 it鈥檚 an updo to the side 鈥 that looks sophisticated and pretty. Lift the ends of your style up and loop hair into itself.


Next, gather all your ends to one side.


Pin hair in place with another one of the pins. We promise, you only need one!


Just like *that,* you have a second look 鈥 this is the perfect hair hack if you want to quickly and easily switch up your 鈥榙o between parties or if you want to keep your hair off your neck. Get ready to rock the holidays with awesome hair!


Will you be wearing our latest hair trick this Holiday season? Let us know in the comments below!

Hair and Art Direction: Maritza Buelvas
Photography:聽Jennifer Coffey
Modeling: Nicki Pollack