March 28 is Black Forest Cake Day. Black Forest cake is made by layering chocolate sponge cakes with whipped cream and cherries, and topping with yet more whipped cream and cherries. So, you might say it’s a double-whammy. The cake was originally named for a type of tart cherry liqueur, called Kirschwasser, which was distilled in the Black Forest region of Germany. That liqueur was a main ingredient in the original recipe, so it was a bit more boozy than most of today’s versions. But I doubt anyone would miss it. I think we’d all agree there’re almost no ills in life that a slice of chocolate cake with a cherry on top will not make better. Here are 23 divine chocolate cakes, from classic layer cake to cupcakes to waffles.

If you love the convenience of a boxed cake mix but are craving that homemade taste and mouth-feel of the real deal, you can have your cake and eat it, too. (Hi-yo!) We have tips that will upgrade any old boxed cake to the level of true decadence with the addition of a few rich ingredients, such as coffee, chocolate chips and pure butter (instead of oil). These 8 chocolate cake hacks are so good, no one will ever know that yours came out of a box.

Over at The Simple Sweet Life, Claire has whipped up a Black Forest cake from scratch that is inspired by a Tom Boy cake she tasted at Miette in San Francisco. Though she wasn’t able to duplicate the Miette cake exactly, she feels this Black Forest version comes close. Claire’s cake recipe includes scratch-made cherry compote and a rich, butter-cream meringue that calls for two whole sticks of butter. Did someone say death by chocolate? What a way to go. Oh, don’t miss her “secret” tip for making the best chocolate cake for decorating every single time.

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(Photo via The Simple Sweet Life)