Pet costumes are one of our favorite parts of Halloween over at Brit + Co. In fact, last year we had a contest for them! We鈥檝e seen some really cute stuff. A Harry Potter Maltese. A Chia Pet Pug. But we have to admit, we鈥檝e never seen a horse in costume. We鈥檙e talking way past a simple braided mane here. Check out these horses of a different color costume.

1.聽John Horse: Horses are accustomed to working the fields, but with the right gear, they鈥檙e equipped for anything!聽(via聽Distractify)

2.聽Little Bo Pony: This one really stands out from the herd.聽(via聽Distractify)

3.聽Ele-can鈥檛: It鈥檚 either a real master of disguise or a really small elephant.聽(via聽Distractify)

4.聽Cowardly Horse: Okay, in the original story, Dorothy doesn鈥檛 ride the Cowardly Lion. Maybe this is for a remake?

5.聽Rocking Horse: Duh! If you鈥檙e going to dress up as a girl riding a rocking horse, why not just hop on an actual horse?

6.聽Reindeer: If Halloween is not your thing, feel free to skip right on to Christmas. (via聽The Cheshire Horse)

7.聽Pirate Horse: We think that this equine partner in crime is best suited for pirating on land.聽(via聽Distractify)

8.聽Poodle Horse: With the right hair poufs in the right places, this horse is ready to doo-wop. (via Pinterest)

9.聽Super Horse: The next time we鈥檙e in danger, hopefully this guy gallops to the rescue. Pretty sure he can鈥檛 change in a phone booth though.聽(via聽Distractify)

10.聽Subhay: You can鈥檛 beat a punny horse costume! (via Pinterest)

11.聽Skele-horse: If you鈥檝e got a barn haunted house planned, this horse could be perfect for a haunted hay ride. (via Distractify)

12.聽Frap Horse: This is probably the best of the bunch! Horse and rider dressed as a barista and frappucino! Genius. (via Frases Country)

Have you seen a horse in costume? What鈥檚 your favorite? Let us know in the comments!