Real talk: At some point in your life (probably more like many points), you’ll need to ask for a raise. If you’re thriving at work, contributing to the growth of the company and continually succeeding in a tangible way, it might be time for more moolah. That being said, it’s never easy to ask for a salary bump. (I get stress sweat just thinking about it!) So today, we’re teaming up with Secret Deodorant to arm you (and your underarms) with eight tips to face the unavoidable stress that comes with asking for a raise.


1. Wear clothes that make you feel amazing. Just make sure they’re low maintenance. Find an outfit that makes you feel super confident, but you won’t be constantly adjusting. Reach for beauty products that won’t mess up your outfit, too — like a clear gel deodorant that won’t leave white marks or rub off on clothing.


2. Prepare your pits. Not-so-fun fact: Stress-induced sweat smells worse than other sweat. For that we recommend Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel. It offers clearly better sweat protection than the leading dry sprays. Secret Outlast Xtend Clear Gel helps stop odor before it starts, continually working to detect odor and wetness, therefore ensuring coverage while you’re in stressful situations — like talking to the boss.


3. Do research on other salaries in the industry. You’ll only be helping yourself out if you are knowledgeable about the average salary for your position (or the position you want) in your part of the country. Websites like Glassdoor are great resources for finding competitive paychecks in your field.


4. Know your value. Ask yourself these questions (and be ready to answer them on the spot!): What have you contributed to the company? What makes you stand out? What will your future achievements be and how will that help the company grow? What reasons does your boss have to say no? (Photo via Getty)

5. Be ready with supporting evidence. Have a mental list of contributions, milestones, numbers and notable projects at the ready. Use specific examples and data to back them up. Again, know your worth and use this platform to proudly talk yourself up!


6. Don’t make it all about you. Be wary of language about personally “deserving” the raise. Although a raise affects you personally, it’s not about you in the company’s eyes. It’s about the business. So again, ask yourself how you are helping them to do better business and present your case as to why they should invest in you. (Photo via Getty)

7. Don’t bring up coworkers’ salaries. We know you want to, but don’t do it! You have the power to negotiate your own salary and so do they.


8. Go in with a number! Walk into the meeting with a number in mind. Asking for a raise without one is a no-no. If you leave it up to your boss to offer an amount, you’ll likely be disappointed.

Gear up, study up and ask with confidence. You got this!

This post is a collaboration with Secret Deodorant.

Author: Roxy Taghavian