Turkey Day is FAST approaching, and the expert planner in you has everything covered. You’ve picked out the perfect wine and side dishes galore, and we know you’ve been practicing that perfect pie crust for dayzzz. If the one thing tripping you up this Thanksgiving is the bird, have no fear. Brit + Co is here with a full Turkey 101 on how to get that golden skin and juicy meat stress-free — no brining or whining involved. We’re talking turkey recipe cards with the four most popular cooking methods and exactly how to approach them, as well as a couple pro tips for each one. Now all you have to do is kick back, relax and read on through.

How to Roast a Turkey

Chances are, that delicious golden turkey you remember Grandma pulling from the oven was a roasted one. This method is classic, fuss-free and leaves you with plenty of savory turkey drippings to whisk into gravy. Personalize the recipe by switching up the aromatics used in seasoning the bird.


How to Cook a Turkey in a Dutch Oven

If you’re cooking for a small group, a Dutch oven is a great solution. You can use this method if your bird is five to six pounds. We love this strategy for cooking newbies because it doesn’t require special roasting racks or pans.


How to BBQ a Turkey

Barbecuing your turkey is not only super fast, but it also frees up valuable oven space on the big day. Delegate grill-duty to a trusted accomplice while you handle sides and desserts in the kitchen. A grilled turkey also offers tons of space to play; try less traditional Thanksgiving flavors like a Cajun or Teriyaki rub to mix up the vibe at your holiday table.


How to Fry a Turkey

An entire deep-fried turkey sound like something from Man v. Food, but we swear it’s the answer to the ultimate crispy skin (not to mention some serious bragging rights). The key here is safety, safety, safety! Make sure you read ALL of the instructions and plan ahead for a safe and delicious bird. If you must fry indoors, look for a special countertop appliance like this one from Waring. It rotates the turkey on a rotisserie, so you can safely fry in a contained space and use less oil.


Do you have a pro tip for cooking your turkey? We want to hear about it! Tell us in the comments below.