Sure, a stunning turkey may be the centerpiece of a lot of folks’ Thanksgiving feast, but we know what really brings people to the table: the sides. This collection of 12 tempting three-ingredient recipes is the way to go. Each is simple to whip up, so you can easily make a few (or more). Just add a big batch of homemade stuffing and you’re good to go!

1. Cranberry-Orange Sauce: You won’t miss the canned stuff one bit after you try this outrageously easy, orange-enhanced cranberry sauce. (via Damn Delicious)

2. Carrot Fries: Steamed carrots are great and all, but they don’t quite say Thanksgiving feast to us. Fries, on the other hand, are worthy of just about any celebration. (via South of Vanilla)

3. Maple-Roasted Acorn Squash: The main player here is a sprinkle of maple sugar applied to the squash before roasting. It caramelizes just so in the oven, creating a wonderful sweet-savory side dish. (via A Sage Amalgam)

4. Green Bean Casserole: We’re kickin’ it old school with this classic, three-ingredient green bean, cream of mushroom soup and fried onion casserole. (via Dirty Laundry Kitchen)

5. Roasted Cauliflower With Parmesan: Roasted cauliflower is wonderful on its own accord, but a sprinkle of Parm dresses it up just a touch for the holiday table. (via Steamy Kitchen)

6. Swiss Chard and Ginger Saute: If you’re a fan of sauteed spinach, you’ll enjoy a side of this gingery swiss chard along with a few slices of turkey. (via Pure and Simple)

7. Potato Galette: Both beautiful and scrumptious, it’s hard to believe only three ingredients are involved in making this potato galette. You can even make it dairy-free (and vegan) by using olive oil in place of melted butter. Talk about a crowd-pleaser. (via Dinners for Winners)

8. Caramelized Brussels Sprout With Chorizo (Paleo): Using a flavor-packed sausage such as chorizo is a genius way to boost up Brussels sprouts without increasing the length of your shopping list. (via I Breathe… I’m Hungry…)

9. Haricots Verts Guisado: Oyster sauce adds umami-rich notes sans fishiness to these crisp, garlicky green beans. (via Crispy Waffle)

10. Corn With Sage + Brown Butter: Sweet corn and nutty brown butter are a lovely team along with fried sage. Together, they create a super simple, yet mind-bogglingly delicious side. (via The Glitter Guide)

11. Spicy Pesto Roasted Potatoes: Roasted potato wedges are always a welcome sight at the dinner table, but we expect that these pesto- and pepper-flake-enhanced ones will be an even bigger hit. (via Living Lou)

12. Pumpkin Soup: A bowlful of this luxurious, Thai-inspired pumpkin soup is certainly a tantalizing Thanksgiving meal accompaniment. (via Fuss Free Cooking)

Share your 3-ingredient side ideas in the comments! Pretty please, of course.