Here at Brit HQ we almost always have a reason to celebrate. From birthdays to engagements to baby showers, cakes and bubbly have become a regular part of our diet. As party experts, we can report that all celebrations require balloons. Even better if they’re shiny gold balloons ;) After some experimenting, we found a way to create custom shapes — all you’ll need is mylar, a sewing machine and cotton balls. You heard that right — cotton balls! Print out a text template and follow along to make your own personalized set of tiny balloons!



– mylar

– cotton balls

– Sharpie

– tape

– cake pop sticks or popsicle sticks

– headband


– sewing machine

– hot glue gun

– tape



1. Print out a stencil of the shape(s) you want to make your balloons. We chose 30!

2. Cut out your stencil and trace it onto the mylar backwards.

3. Fold the mylar in half and then sew it together by following the lines of your stencil. Leave an opening to stuff your balloon.

4. Cut out your balloon leaving a margin around the stitches, and stuff it with cotton balls. Then sew the open ends.

5. Tape your balloons onto sticks or hot glue them onto a headband for your birthday festivities!


First, hop on your computer. Choose a simple word or set of numbers to create your balloon party topper. We chose 30! Print it the size you want, and then cut it out.


Cut out a piece of mylar that when folded in half will fit your new stencil. Trace your stencil onto the mylar backwards. You don’t want that sharpie line showing on the front side of your pretty mylar balloons, so this way it will be on the back.


Time to sew! With the mylar folded in half, follow the sharpie lines as close as possible. Make sure you take your time. The mylar is very sensitive and can rip easily. Slow and steady wins the race. Notice how we left an opening at the bottom of the three. This is important so you can stuff your gold balloons to the max.


Trim your shape, leaving a small margin around the edges.


Stuff the shape with cotton balls and then sew up the hole. Be careful when stuffing — you don’t want the mylar to rip at the seam.


This is for them 30-somethings that didn’t turn out exactly how your mom and dad wanted you to be (Beyoncé anyone?).


Tape it onto cake pop sticks or popsicle sticks to make golden balloon cake toppers.


From what I hear, the 30’s are the new 20’s. Go celebrate this milestone!


Cake toppers not your scene? Turn the balloons into a fun birthday headband!


Perhaps a balloon party headband AND a floral paper crown? Is that too much? We think not!


Miss Misty is always ready to celebrate. Let’s just say she is one great partner to have out on the dance floor.

What type of balloons would you create? Share your thoughts with us below and always remember to tag your creative creations with the hashtag #iamcreative.