The time has come, music and party lovers: Festival season is upon us. While you鈥檙e busy planning out your must-visit music festivals, packing up your modern outdoor festival blankets and finalizing your music festival style, keep in mind that just because you鈥檙e getting ready for a multi-day party, your health and safety shouldn鈥檛 take a backseat. Also, feeling your best will make the festival that much better. So before you dance the night away at Coachella or your other fave festival, follow these five expert tips to prepare for your healthiest and most thrilling festival yet.


1. Stay hydrated. It鈥檚 often really hot during outdoor festivals, and shade can be limited. Add to that the tendency to choose daytime beers instead of water, and you may start to crave all the not so healthy food around you. 鈥淒ehydration is problematic for food decisions because it affects mental alertness, boosts cravings for fat, salt and sugar, and can leave you feeling 鈥榚mpty鈥,鈥 Edwina Clark, head of nutrition and wellness at Yummly explains. 鈥淧ack plenty of water and sip frequently throughout the day to prevent dehydration and cravings. Avoid being outside during the hottest part of the day, and stick to the shade whenever possible to minimize water losses.鈥

2. Soothe your pipes. 鈥淵our throat will surely need some soothing with all the singing you will be doing,鈥 says Dr. Gabrielle Francis, a naturopathic doctor at The Herbal Alchemist. 鈥淧rotect your throat throughout festival outings by packing throat lozenges or Singer鈥檚 Spray to coat the throat. The spray also contains anti-microbial ingredients that prevent infections. Don鈥檛 forget the lip balm either to protect your lips from dryness caused by the sun and wind.鈥

3. Eat a big breakfast. Don鈥檛 skimp on the first meal of the day, advises Abigail Kinnear, a dietician and blogger at Traveler鈥檚 Tuckshop. 鈥淚 know it鈥檚 an age-old saying, but eating a big breakfast before a festival is a MUST. Dancing and walking around festivals for hours on end burns calories fast, and breakfast is the time to load up on essential calories before a long day. A great option is an egg scramble with protein (meat or vegetarian source) and vegetables, as this contains a balance of protein, carbs and fat to keep you fueled,鈥 Abigail says.


4. Give your lower back a break. If you鈥檙e a regular concert-goer, you鈥檝e likely felt like your lower back is on fire from standing too long in your fave strappy sandals with no support. 鈥淧rolonged standing at a music festival can lead to lower back pain. As your pelvis and core muscles begin to fatigue, the stress from standing rests in your lower back joints,鈥 Dr. Ryan Curda, a chiropractor at Personalized Chiropractic, explains. 鈥淭ake a few minutes every hour to stretch out your hamstrings and hip flexors, perform some air squats and take a seat in between sets.鈥

5. Sleep. FOMO may push you to stay up all night, but losing sleep can actually make your time awake at the festival less fun. 鈥淲e want to party all night and all day, but sleep is one of the things your body desperately needs. If you don鈥檛 get the right amount of rest, you may begin to feel worn out and develop irritable symptoms,鈥 says physical therapist Kosta Kokolis. 鈥淢ake sure to catch a nap as often as you can, whether in a tent or a car, to ensure that you鈥檙e ready for the weekend extravaganza. Remember, sleep will make you hear the music clearer, the lights more vivid and will let you enjoy all the fun the concert has to offer.鈥

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