Generally, Facebook is the platform of choice when it comes to documenting life’s milestones. Of course you want to share with your friends and family when something exciting happens in your life, but raise your hands if you’re at that age where it seems like all your peers are hitting those milestones like it’s nobody’s business (excuse me, I mean, everybody’s business). Scrolling through your News Feed is like, weddings, engagements, pregnancy announcements, babies, babies and more babies. In case you don’t want to be that parent who’s all “here’s photo number 13,879 of my kid dressed like a turtle for Halloween,” there is another way. Rather than just spamming all your friends on Facebook, take a page from Ice-T and Coco’s book.

Start your newborn his/her very own Twitter account. Ice + his wife of 13 years introduced their 21st century baby to the world in a super 21st-century way. The rapper/actor and the model welcomed firstborn Chanel Nicole over the weekend, and promptly started their baby girl a Twitter account. And even though this baby is going to be living in the spotlight, her parents are still plenty protective. Her first tweet ever warns against haters, because haters are the worst. What a clever way to share baby news + pics and let people choose to follow or not follow.

The itty bitty little girl might only be a few days old, but she’s already got over 20 thousand followers, and she’s definitely not camera shy. Her proud parents have already posted lots pics of the tiny tot, like this one of baby Chanel napping while sporting a sweet pink bow + a bicycle print onesie.

Naturally, she’s already starting fashion trends — and guess what? No Facebook feed spamming required.

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