See ya, pastels and all-white decor. IKEA just blew minimalist Scandi decor out of the water with their brand new, limited edition (eek!) collection. The AVSIKTLIG line will hit US stores this month and feature 14 graphic patterns. Ranging from bright blue lattice to cartoon-like zigzags and tropical prints galore, it’s a color explosion that *screams* playful.

IKEA teamed up with the Swedish design collective, 10-gruppen, for a colorful line that is slightly reminiscent of the ’70s, partly as an ode to the original 10-gruppen designers. “10-gruppen has always been one of my greatest influences. I absolutely love their design style — it’s bold, colorful, and geometric in its expression. Their patterns still feel modern and bold, like a pattern explosion,” said Ida Pettersson, a designer at IKEA. And we have to say, we def agree!

10-gruppen began with a mission that was as radical as their designs. At the start of the ’70s, they were part of the anti-establishment force who rebelled against the design ideals of the time. Carl Johan De Geer, co-founder of the group, told IKEA, “Our ambition was to clean up the design swamp… We wanted to create a better world without war, using colors, patterns, and music.” Graphic design for the greater good? We’re all over that.

IKEA joined forces with designers to form a collection that celebrates their history while making your home look uber chic. The color palette is bold — emerald greens, ultra-marine blues, and lemon yellows, plus a few classic, Scandi, black and white elements. From modern lines to quirky geometric shapes and totally fab palm trees, the patterns alone will have you reaching for a Mai Thai.

Ready to get your hands on some of this loot? The full line just came out, but you’ll want to start shopping ASAP as parts of AVSIKTLIG will be limited edition. But don’t stress too much: Certain pieces, like curtains, the couch cover, and the plates, featuring the classic 10-gruppen designs, will stick around for awhile.

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(Photos via IKEA)