If you鈥檙e anything like us, you鈥檝e already ransacked IKEA鈥檚 super-hygge winter collection and you鈥檙e ready to hack your way into a cozy AF homestead for the season. But as any tried-and-true IKEA shopper knows, the furniture can be鈥 challenging to put together, to say the least (even Ryan Reynolds knows it). Apparently, IKEA knows it too, because the Swedish retailer bought TaskRabbit to take care of all your future furniture assembly needs, AND the homewares giant hasn鈥檛 ruled out other, similar acquisitions.

According to Recode, the home goods mecca bought the on-demand labor marketplace for an undisclosed sum back in September, making a previous UK-based collaborative experiment between the two official. Last month, IKEA Group CEO Jesper Brodin said this is only the beginning.

鈥淭his is the next step for IKEA 鈥 IKEA 2.0,鈥 Brodin told Bloomberg. 鈥淲e will be a fantastic retail business but we鈥檒l also have a greater development structure and organization than we鈥檝e had in a long time.鈥

The move reportedly comes as an attempt to compete with companies such as Amazon, who recently upped its home-services game to offer furniture assembly, house cleaning, plumbing, and more as needed.

We have no doubt that the skilled workers at TaskRabbit will be up to the job 鈥 they have, after all, carried out some pretty important tasks in their day, from helping with wedding day setups to planning romantic Valentine鈥檚 Day dates.

There鈥檚 no word yet on when TaskRabbit will be fully integrated into IKEA鈥檚 on-demand offerings, but in the meantime, we鈥檒l merely rejoice in the fact that there鈥檚 a light at the end of our infuriating shelf-building tunnel. Thank goodness!

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(Photo via Andreas Rentz/Getty)