Emoji are our jam. The little pieces of art enable us to express our thoughts in a more animated manner to our friends (see also: GIFs). Sometimes our phones don’t have that one specific character we’re looking for to really get our point across though. Seriously, why use words when pictures are an option? With so many second-party emoji apps, there’s thousands (millions?) of additional emoticons to play with. But you know what’s really been missing from the emoji catalog is options from everyone’s fave DIY furniture co. Not anymore ;)


Yep, we know you have been craving a keyboard filled with Swedish meatballs, a hugging heart, IKEA furniture and so much more. So IKEA went and released its very own catalog of emoji for your conversations. We’ve got one question for IKEA though: Do the emoji work for customer support when we get frustrated building the furniture?


The process to getting the keyboard on your phone is much simpler than building a Brimnes bed. After downloading the app (available on iOS + Android devices) all you have to do is hit up your phone’s settings and add the database of emoticons to your current keyboard. Then indulge in some Swedish meatballs, naturally — vegans, you too!


Now go have yourself a meta moment with the IKEA Emoticon keyboard and send your friends some emoji while shopping or eating at the DIY furniture megastore.

Will you be adding the IKEA Emoticons to your smartphone keyboard? Let us know in the comments.