When Apple opened聽iOS 8聽up for third party keyboards, emojis were one of the first features to hit our touch screens.聽It seems like every week for the past year, people created聽more and more ways to emoji 鈥 and we鈥檙e not complaining. Where there鈥檚 an emoji, there鈥檚 a time and a place to use that emoji. Beyond the basics, we鈥檝e found some of the best emoji apps out there for expanding your emoji-cabulary.


1.聽For Personalization: Who doesn鈥檛 love seeing a cartoon version of themselves? After you design your highly customizable avatar on Bitmoji, your very own face is featured in dozens of fun emojis including one for when you 鈥渃an鈥檛 even.鈥 You can even use them in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

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2.聽For Making Plans: Trying to figure out what karaoke place you and your friends are going to hit up to perform your famed group number? Goji lets you click on an emoji that represents an activity (burgers, pool, mini golf, etc) and then gives you options of places nearby. When you pick one, just send a link to your friends.

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3.聽For Group Texts: With the right group of friends 鈥 or the wrong group depending on how you look at it 鈥 there are some emojis that just speak volumes, but they鈥檙e missing from your built-in keyboard. If you鈥檙e using GroupMe to group text, artist Julia Heffernan has a solution for you. Her 22-emoji lineup released last year includes a very necessary make-it-rain icon and, of course, the much sought-after taco emoji.

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4.聽For Seinfeld Fans: ICYMI, you can now communicate in Seinfeld emoji, and we鈥檙e talking way beyond just Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer. What may look like a random set of graphics to some is actually聽Seinfeld speak for some of the most iconic episodes. The diner, pretzels,聽the Soup Nazi and the puffy shirt make an appearance鈥 oh and Newman too, of course. (NEWMAN!) You鈥檒l be making excuses to yada yada yada in emoji form before you know it.

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5.聽For the Hipsters: Hipster or not, Hipmoji has some hip graphics that everyone could use from time to time. We鈥檙e talking a boba, handlebar mustache and even a 鈥淏ae鈥 emoji. If you鈥檙e like totally too cool for texting emojis anymore, you can even use the app to overlay emojis on photos.

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6.聽For Everyone: Our emoji libraries carry faces with many expressions, but not faces of many colors. A mother-daughter team have released their app iDiversicons as a way to truly rep your look. From your hair to your skin tone, the app has everyone鈥檚 look covered. Gotta love a great DIY solution to a diversity problem.

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7.聽For Artsy Types: Did you totally own at Draw Something? What about Pictionary? Then this app is for you. You can draw and send your own one-of-a-kind emoji. It鈥檚 still in the early stages, so you can expect some glitches, but we鈥檙e excited for the future of DrawType because we鈥檙e kinda Pictionary pros.

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8. For Equality: Without this app, it鈥檚 really difficult to tell your friends that you鈥檙e a gay unicorn who likes cake. Thank goodness designer聽Kimberly Linn聽created聽Lesbian Emojis聽filled with a bunch of funny emoji for the gay and lesbian community. In fact, there are plenty in there for everyone, including a Tindr app, PBR and brunch. How has no one demanded a brunch emoji yet?

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9.聽For GoT Fans: Do you think that Daenerys would be as impressed by our emoji technology as we are by her dragons? Yeah, probably not. Regardless, Elite Daily added her and the Game of Thrones cast to emoji history. It鈥檚 not an actual keyboard yet, but you can copy and paste images of Joffrey Baratheon into conversations when someone you know is acting like spoiled royalty.

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10.聽For Your Selfie: A selfie is worth a thousand words. That鈥檚 how it goes right? When your friend texts you that the new House of Cards trailer is on YouTube, sometimes there is no emoji that can express your excitement. The best thing to do is send a picture of yourself. With Imoji, you can turn pics of yourself, or anything really, into stickers to send in your texts.<

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11.聽For the Trendy: When it comes to comes to sending fashionable emoji, the dancing woman in the red dress is the closest we can get to an outfit that we鈥檇 wear and even that鈥檚 a stretch. LOLy takes all of the hottest fashion trends and classics and puts them in an app for iOS so you can emoji away with Chanel jackets, Louboutin pumps and even fashionable Pho.

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How do you emoji? Let us know in the comments!