IKEA just did your dorm life another solid. Besides being the go-to for compact furniture and cool decor on a college budget (whether you’re actually in school or not), the mega store just launched a line of paper goods, all starting at 99 cents. Now there’s no excuse for not sending granny a thank you note for her send-off gift.

Available in IKEA’s US stores starting this week, the collection features an array of colorful back-to-school basics and sleek office essentials that will take you from your first day on campus through your first day in the workforce. There’s also a selection of punchy party supplies, including paper globes, favor bags and everything you’ll need to dress up your gifts this holiday, from wrapping paper to gift tags to decorative tape (IKEA calls it Framställa, we’ll call it washi tape).

While we will travel long distances to snag the bargain of our campus-living lifetime, we would not plan on making a special trip to IKEA just to snag its ultra cheap tissue paper. True, the deals are near-unbeatable, but a lot of these goods, especially the party supplies, are totally DIY-able. We bet we could bust out a decent assortment of garland and birthday crowns in the time it would take us to clock in and out with a meatball in tow, so just remember to add the goods to your blue and yellow bag at the same time you’ve officially made that Kallax your own.

Would you stock up on IKEA-branded paper goods? Which items from the line are your favorite? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Racked)