There are so many reasons to love home goods giant IKEA. Not only do they supply us with everything from kitchen to dorm room furniture that’s totally hackable, but they’re also our source for delicious candy. It turns out they have a sense of humor too. IKEA Singapore just spoofed the new Apple Pencil in a totally hilarious move. Last week, Apple debuted the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, announcing that it would take just milliseconds to get an idea from your brain onto the tablet’s screen. The $99 stylus debuted with the tagline, “Completely Familiar. Entirely Revolutionary.” Scroll on to see IKEA’s brilliant response.

It makes us giggle for sure. The IKEA pencils are a huge part of the experience at the blue-boxed store, and it’s about time this old school tech got some recognition. It’s also not the first time IKEA has spoofed Apple — just last year they put out a video showing off their latest technology, the Bookbook. We can’t wait to see what else the IKEA marketing department has up their sleeve!

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