Though the rainbow food trend is still going strong, we’ve begun to notice a little bit of a backlash in the form of foods like, just for example, black ice cream. So while we were just giggling over rainbow sausages, we’re now wide-eyed over jet black wieners. Introducing: IKEA’s “Ninja Dog.”

IKEA Ninja Dog

Named for its resemblance to a ninja scroll (um, okay), the Ninja Dog’s super weird-looking black color comes from edible bamboo charcoal, which not only gives food a deep inky color, but also apparently kills off toxins in the body. With an eight-inch-long bun and footlong wiener, the Ninja Dog will be available until the end of the year, costing a mere 300 yen, or roughly $3 USD.

With no deets on what those criss-crossed toppings are (they don’t quite look like your typical ketchup and yellow mustard) and no info on the taste, we’ll just have to wait in wonder over this peculiar culinary creation.

IKEA Hot Dogs

IKEA Japan also offers more typical hot dogs, as well as hot dogs with scoops of mashed potatoes on ‘em, for the variety-loving wiener-connoisseurs out there.

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(h/t Rocket News 24; photos via IKEA)