Let鈥檚 talk about Halloween and babies. It鈥檚 the one time of the year where you can really let loose and dress them up as obnoxiously cute things or 鈥渦se鈥 them to accessorize your own Halloween costume (#noshame). And no, they don鈥檛 even have to be born yet to make a cute maternity costume. Once you can dress them up in food costumes, the world 鈥 and by 鈥渨orld鈥 we mean Instagram 鈥 becomes a perfect place. From clever pop culture references to tasty munchkins, these 30 babies will show you how to do Halloween right.


1. Paddington Bear: You won鈥檛 have any trouble getting people to help you look after the little one with this adorable bear costume. (via @amanda_u_blog)


2. Scooby Doo Family: Group costumes are the best, especially when the whole clan gets involved. (via @dsgphoto)


3. Leia and Baby Ewok: Those ears, those cheeks, those big brown eyes. Nothing is cuter than a baby dressed up as a tiny bear 鈥 or ewok, to you Star Wars fans. (via @littlebabydj)


4. Daddy鈥檚 Girl: Every little girl thinks her dad is bomb.com, so if she wants to wear a beard and flannel, why fight it? There will be plenty of years ahead to fight over the more (ahem) revealing costumes. (via @helthelyf)


5. Tiny Elephant: Chubby cheeks were made to go with big floppy ears and a little fuzzy trunk. Is it wrong to make this costume a daily thing? (via @urthmama)


6. Mini Lamb: If they don鈥檛 love the idea of wearing hats, maybe they鈥檒l allow a hooded costume. Or at least let you sneak in a photo for Instagram. (via @lisey_d)


7. Minnie Mouse: It鈥檚 the teeny gloves that really make this costume. Okay, and the little bow. Just kidding, the whole thing is too adorable to even pick a favorite part. (via @chrusteechic)


8. Ice Cream Treat: Just dying. That hat. Those rolls. Can鈥檛 even. (via @baby_dimes)


9. Baby Pilot: Your pilot has turned on the fasten seatbelt sign. It looks like we鈥檙e headed for some severe cuteness ahead. (via @littlebabydj)


10. Matching Moos: Points go to that dad for being so cool about being a cow. Sorry, Dad, when it comes to 鈥渨ho wore it best,鈥 the little one is still winning. (via @thereichwife)


11. Baby Pineapple: That headband is the perfect accessory for dressing up a simple onesie costume. The age where they鈥檙e not coordinated enough to pull things off their head is a brief window of time that must be taken advantage of. (via @yasmindar)


12. Watermelon Slice: Fruit salad is totally a trendy group costume, and it鈥檇 be easy to add a lil鈥 slice of watermelon with a pink hoodie and some green leggings. (via @xojilliebean)


13. Infinity Cuteness: To infinity and into your heart. Pixar costumes will always be a winner, especially with those big brown eyes. (via @ciarajwilliams)


14. Sushi Roll: Why not turn your favorite boo into your favorite food? If you鈥檙e doing a group costume as sushi (and you totally should 鈥 it鈥檚 awesome), make sure even the little ones are in on the fun. (via @notasouthernbelll)


15. Captain America: The sky鈥檚 the limit for this little hero who is keeping his costume cool and streamlined. Sometimes all you need is a onesie (or just a T-shirt) for a rocking costume. (via @cutesiesclothing)


16. Cotton Candy Pouf: Capitalize on your babe鈥檚 sugary sweetness with piles and piles of pretty pink fairy floss. (via @smpliving)


17. Han and Tiny Leia: What mom wouldn鈥檛 want to dress up as the debonair and confident Han Solo with a perfectly bunned little Leia in tow? (via @thrifttown)


18. Where鈥檚 Waldo?: Hopefully you were really good at those puzzles 鈥 it would be terrible to lose your baby in this red and white camo shirt. (via @johnnydeckermiller)


19. Mini Wizard: With or without that wand, there鈥檚 no doubt that this little one will cast a spell on you. (via @shannonleeimages)


20. Little Miss Wonder Woman: Watch out. With a costume like this, she鈥檒l be off saving the world in no time. (via @megkeene)


21. Actual Footlong: For teeny tiny babies that can鈥檛 handle a more elaborate costume, nothing works better than just swaddling them up and disguising them as food. (via @lacy_joy)


22. Sad Crab: It鈥檚 not cruel if it鈥檚 this cute, right? (via @johnnydeckermiller)


23. The Lorax: It鈥檚 never to early to start teaching them about going green, nor is it ever too early for them to rock an old man mustache. (via @awest_hoover)


24. Sprinkles Please: In case you didn鈥檛 already just want to eat her up, now you can dress your baby up as a donut. (via @jl_designs)


25. Rainbow Cloud: There are zero raindrops coming out of this little cloud 鈥 just look at that smile. Sparkly jewels, a rainbow tassel and some tulle make an easy DIY costume for your little one. (via @martha_anne808)


26. Rosie the Adorable: Girl power, all the way. Plus that little denim jumpsuit is totally cute enough to wear after Halloween. If they haven鈥檛 outgrown it by then. (via @angiemertz)


27. Charlie the Lion: Poor Charlie just wants to find his courage. Or maybe he just wants to know how long he has to wear that fluffy mane. (via @richgab126)


28. Baby Deer: The best part about this cozy costume is they鈥檒l think they鈥檙e in their pajamas 鈥 maybe they鈥檒l pass out fast so you can enjoy the candy and a few Halloween shots. (via @smpliving)


29. Little Mermaid: Not to be biased or anything, but all the baby costumes at Brit + Co are pretty freaking rad and super easy to DIY. Just saying. (via @britandco)


30. Yoda Baby: Sometimes the only thing you need for a really great outfit is a the right hat or headband. Although going topless is a bold move that you can only get away with if you鈥檙e super adorable. (via @agelliot)

What is your little one wearing for Halloween? Share your costumes with us in the comments below!