These Are the Top Halloween Group Costumes on Pinterest This Year
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These Are the Top Halloween Group Costumes on Pinterest This Year

Tomorrow is the first day of October and that means only one thing: Halloween season is *finally* here! While that comes with its excitement, that rush of thrill can easily be followed by stress if you’re still unsure about what you want to dress up as. Though you could totally shop til you drop for your Halloween costume at costume stores like Party City — the National Retail Federation reports the average American spent close to $74 on Halloween last year — it’s waaaaay more fun to DIY your Halloween costume.

Thankfully a ton of people are planning to do just that this year. As proof, our friends at Pinterest recently shared data with us that revealed more than 5 million costumes have been Pinned so far in 2015. One of the most popular categories being searched? Halloween group costumes. The NRF even reports 8 out of 10 millennials are planning on doing a group costume. As a starting point of inspo for you and your crew, the Pinning co shared seven of the top trending group costumes at the moment. Check ’em out below, then head to our Halloween page for even more Halloween ideas — group costumes and beyond.

Top Group Halloween Costumes

1. Dirty Laundry: For once those dirty socks, underwear, pants, shirts, etc. will be put to use and not just littering your floor. (Photo via Inhabitots)

2. S’mores: Fall + this campfire dessert essential go hand in hand so why not turn the sweet treat into a family Halloween look? (Photo via Cheerios and Lattes)

3. “Bad Blood”: The only people you’ll have bad blood with after showing up with your squad in this look are all the envious people attending the Halloween party that aren’t involved in this warrior women getup. (Photo via Brit + Co)

4. Inside Out: We’re feeling all kinds of emotions about this Pixar film-inspired group look. HBU? (Photo via Brit + Co)

5. Double Shot: Yes, you and your gaggles of gals can turn your fave fall drink into your new fave Halloween group costume. (Photo via Carly Christman)

6. Google Maps: Make it from Point A to Point B with your partner in direction (directionally challenged?!) crime all Halloween evening long. (Photo via narkeeso/Reddit)

7. French Kiss: By mixing Parisian stereotypes and an iconic hair band you’ll be showing up to all the parties serving up endless laughs. (Photo via jlesk/Imgur)

For even more Halloween costume ideas check out both the Brit + Co Halloween Pinterest board and Pinterest’s own Halloween board.

Will you and your Halloween crew be dressing up as any of these trending on Pinterest Halloween costumes? Let us know in the comments.