Whenever you step into a children’s clothing shop, you’ll almost always notice a giant disparity between the “boys’” and “girls’” sections. Blues, greens, and browns are mainly found on boys’ clothing, while pinks, pastels, and flowers tend to take over the girls’ areas. But it wasn’t until the 1940s that we began promoting this notion of how to “gender” children’s clothing. Fortunately, more parents are starting to realize that gender is a social construct and that clothing itself has no gender — little girls don’t have to wear pink, and baby boys don’t have to be relegated to all things blue — and there’s no better place to look for gender-neutral kid clothes than on Instagram. We’ve rounded up some fabulous Insta shops perfect for styling your child (or outfitting your BFF’s), no matter their gender.

1. @bashandsass: Looking for some fly gender-neutral streetwear for your kiddos? Look no further than this ultra-hip kids’ brand. Mama of two Irene Lee founded the minimalist youth brand, which runs from sizes six months through six years and will help your kid look like they just walked off a fashion runway.

2. @izzyandashofficial: Izzy and Ash was launched by two sisters in Austin, TX who knew there had to be plenty of parents out there looking for more style-conscious outfits for their kiddos. The brand is fun and trendy all at once, with a solid gender-neutral category that features plenty of rad outfits to choose from.

3. @nestingbrand: Nesting Brand is a soon-to-launch shop created by a mother in Portugal who decided she wanted to create day clothes that were as cozy as PJs, with no gender-specific colors required. Her designs, which cater to kids through age six, feature adorable geometric designs printed in black on white fabric.

4. @wildivy.co: Rompers, bonnets, print tees, and more abound at Wild Ivy’s adorable clothing shop. The Utah-based brand features American-made outfits for newborns and toddlers in dreamy colors and designs, with classic gender-neutral looks and modern print tees with phrases like “Free Spirit” and “Girl Power” that millennial parents will love.

5. @kithkindesign: Kith + Kin are a strictly gender-neutral shop with a focus on babywear. Their organic cotton outfits are designed with art in mind, featuring soft swirls and splotches of color on neutral-colored tees and onesies that will definitely keep your baby both comfy and stylish.

6. @katie.ella.creations: This UK-based kidswear shop allows customers to shop by collection rather than by gender, discouraging the notion that only certain items are for certain children. Adorable prints featuring forest animals, stars, flowers, planets, and more can be found on all their items, from leggings to hoodies to dribble bibs.

7. @hank_knitwear: This truly unique Australian Insta shop features beautiful hand-knit clothing that can be custom-ordered for the perfect fit. Vintage-inspired booties, bonnets, rompers, and tops can all be purchased from here (made with cotton or alpaca wool), in muted colors like taupe, rusty orange, off-white, brown, and grey.

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(Featured photo via @bashandsass)