By now you’ve got your style and interview answering skills down to a T. But, what about your beauty routine? Believe it or not, your beauty look has as much to do with landing the job as your resume. When you’re put together, it shows would-be employers that you pay attention to details and that you’re organized. All that aside, when you feel confident about your appearance, you up your chances of doing well in the interview. So before your next interview, bookmark these 10 interview-pro beauty tips.

1. Get a Flawless Face: Blemishes: Everyone’s got them. But to feel extra confident, take a few minutes to hide any imperfections that might distract you and your interviewer. We’re not suggesting you cake on the foundation, but use a full-coverage makeup to even out your skin tone. (via Byrdie)

2. Heavy Eye-Makeup is a No-No: We’re glad you’ve finally mastered that covetable smokey eye look, but save it for date night. Simple is best here, so an eye-brightening liner and mascara will do. (via PopSugar)

3. Try a Clean Bun: We love a clean bun, but sometimes it can look a little too formal. Pull out a few wispy layers to keep your look soft and casual, but still chic enough for an interview. (via A Beautiful Mess)

4. Sleeping Beauty: Easier said than done (especially if you’re anxious), but try to get seven to eight hours of rest before a big day. Drink an herbal tea and get your mind/ body prepared by setting a nightly ritual a few days before. (via Glitter Guide)

5. Bat Those Lashes: Don’t get us wrong; we love good Kim Kardashian-esque eyelashes. But there’s a time and a place, ladies. Skip the dramatic lashes and go for just swipe or two. (via @kimkardashian)

6. Get a Simple Manicure: Unless you have naturally clean, perfect cuticles we suggest a simple manicure. Stay away from punchy colors and edgy designs and opt for a simple polish in neutral tones. (Reif Haus)

7. Whiten That Smile: Buying a high-priced teeth whitening kit isn’t necessary, but avoid further damage by skipping the vino, coffee and other teeth-staining foods in the days leading up to your interview. And remember to brush after your morning coffee. (via Fashion Tag)

8. Beat the Frizz: Bad hair days are even worse when they’re on an important day. Take care of frizz and flyaways the night before with this apple cider vinegar concoction. Shiny hair is within reach. (via Free People)

9. Skip Heavy Fragrances: You know when you walk into an elevator and can STILL smell that guy’s heavy cologne? Don’t be that person. If you can’t altogether skip your daily spritz, just dab a bit behind your ears and leave it at that.

10. A Natural Pout: Avoid glossy or glittery lips. These can come off too youthful for an interview. While we are huge fans of a bold lip off-duty, we suggest reaching for a natural-colored lipstick for an interview. Petal pink colors look good on all skin tones. (via Moi Contre La Vie)

Do you have an upcoming interview? Did these easy beauty tips put you at ease? Tell us in the comments!