Creativity comes in all forms, and is often best when given constraints. That’s why I can never get enough small space hacks.


I loved converting my home gym into a new multi-purpose room following my recent baby number two. The project was so exciting because I was able to put to use all of the small space and simple living hacks I’ve been storing in my brain, on my Pinterest boards and in my random hodgepodge of magazine tear-outs and HGTV binge watches. (Given the chance, who wouldn’t want a Murphy Bed?!)

Designing for a small space is an art. If you’re anything like me, you’re probably constantly trying to do more with less. With that in mind, I’m delighted to announce the launch of our newest Brit + Co original video series, Tiny Spaces.


In this new show, you’ll tour some of the smallest homes in America and discover exactly how women just like you have downsized their square footage while maximizing their lives.


From homes that were built from the ground up to a tiny rental apartment in the middle of Manhattan, these tours will uncover an array of storage and organization secrets from our collection of homeowners. Curious about how people use vertical space to its fullest potential? Not sure how to make the most of that space under the bed? These dwellers will show you how they’ve turned walls into bookshelves, made closets out of empty nooks and kept everything nice and neat through color coordination tricks.


With these tours, you’ll also learn how flea market finds can be refurbished into multi-use furniture. Plus, you’ll be captivated by how affordable, unique and personal these spaces can be with the right amount of customization.


I hope you are just as inspired as I am after watching Tiny Spaces. Prepare to get your creative juices flowing and keep checking back on B+C and our social media channels because we’ll be bringing you a new tiny tour every week! Watch the first tour in this series below and prepare to be wowed by Jackie’s itty bitty NYC studio. From modern IKEA hacks to fab flea market finds, this colorful and chic book-filled apartment is serious #smallspacegoals.

What type of small space do you want to see appear in Tiny Spaces? Do you have any tiny home hacks up your sleeve? Let me know on Twitter: @brit!