“Now, where did I park again?” For anyone who has ever parked in an expansive garage, only to come back and draw a total blank about where you left your car: With the impending release of iOS 10, which is now available in beta version to developers, your iPhone is about to become even nearer and dearer to you than it already is.

Woman uses her cell phone application connected to her car.

When iOS 10 goes public this fall, Apple Maps is seriously stepping up to the plate. The app will automatically drop a pin when you park your car and walk away. When you come back to a sea of parked cars, open Apple Maps and your phone will guide you back to your vehicle. Apple Maps will only do this when you park anywhere besides your home address.

The time-saving update was not announced at Apple’s WWDC event on Monday, but was detected by a developer playing with the forthcoming iOS. The option will show up in a lock screen widget, making it super easy to guide yourself back to your parked car. Other new Apple Maps features include the ability to book a rental car directly from your map and find stops like restaurants or gas stations along your route.

Never get caught in a sea of cars hitting the lock and unlock button on your key fob again.

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(h/t TechCrunch, photos via Getty)