With spring cleaning right around the corner, you might be ready to ditch your old furniture and splurge on new chairs, or maybe a new sofa. Of course, when it comes to adding style and elegance to your home, we’re huge fans of furniture projects that you can design and DIY, even if they take a little bit more time and effort. But when we imagined furniture designing, extrusion guns weren’t quite in the picture. If furniture designer James Shaw’s invention takes off, we might be filling up our homes with some unique and colorful couches, tables and lamps.


Shaw’s extrusion gun uses old plastic from a nearby East London recycling center and turns the material into molten plastic. Basically it’s like a buffed-up hot glue gun (aka every maker’s dream hot gun). Squeezable furniture from a tube might sound as sci-fi as squeezable space food did to us years ago, but with technology like 3D printed food and high-tech tattoos, we’d say it’s about time for furniture in a tube.


Shaw calls his style Plastic Baroque, and his popular “Well Proven Chair,” which he worked on with designer Marjan van Aubel, is on display at MoMA. Sure, we know the material looks like it came straight out of the Play-doh Spaghetti Factory set, but can you imagine the quirky charm it would add to your decorating scheme? Seriously, Shaw has got to share the love (aka his extrusion gun) so we can all make some MoMA-worthy art.


Do you love the Plastic Baroque style or would you prefer to create a different type of furniture? What would you make with Shaw’s extrusion gun?

(h/t Wired, images viaWired and James Shaw)