As much as we love them, as much as we need them, bikes are like third purses sometimes. Hear us out: You’re a busy lady. You already have your purse purse filled with the essentials. Then you have your second purse with groceries or gym clothes. Now you have your bike, a THIRD purse that you have to make sure not to leave at the bar at the end of the night. It’s exhausting, really. And don’t even get us started on where to store them at home. Let’s just say, to find it space in our apartment, we’d have to charge our bike rent.

There’s a solution to our two-wheeled woes and it comes in the form of a smart, electric bike that folds up and out of our hair: Jive Bike.

This glorious vehicle weighs about 33 pounds and folds up into an easy-to-stash whisp of its former self. On a two-hour charge, it can go for 20 miles, hitting maximum speeds of up to 15 mph. With manual and assisted pedaling modes to boot, Jive is an ideal ride for taking you to and fro work or helping you zip around town to run errands.

Okay, so it’s not the whip that’s going to ride you off into the sunset — but Jive has some cool features on that slick frame too! The center bar, which sits lower than usual, holds the battery and a Raspberry PI CPU. The two-wheeler has Bluetooth connectivity and an intelligent dashboard that you can plug your phone into to help you get from A to B easier, kind of like CarPlay for your bike. The Jive App will let you see how many miles you have left (electrically speaking) and help you map out your route or tweet about your ride.

You can pre-order Jive now for about $2500 USD, which falls in between pricing for the Urb-E and Faraday Bike we spotted at CES this year. Jive’s specs are closer to the Urb-E and the look is somewhere in between Faraday’s more bike-like look and Urb’s futuristic, techy take on the e-vehicle. When it comes to cycling ‘round town, we have a new tune to sing and it’s: “We were born to Jive Bike, baby!”

Do you have an electric or folding bike? Would you take Jive Bike for a spin? Share your ride of choice with us below!