We always thought that the color of Lyft’s iconic mustache symbol — the fiery magenta Glowstache — was a little misplaced. But as a nail polish color, it makes perfect sense. So, while a collaboration between the peer-to-peer ride-sharing company and beauty + nail brand Julep may have seemed a little WTF at first, the resulting lacquer speaks for itself, and the message behind the bottle is actually pretty empowering too.


Launched last week exclusively through Sephora.com, the limited-edition pink polish, aptly named Glow ($14), wasn’t singularly based on Lyft’s fuzzy facial hair totem. According to a statement on Lyft’s blog, the creamy neon hue was also inspired by “the amazing female drivers behind it.”

“From leading students to dominating roller derby rinks to just being total bosses, Lyft drivers make their mark on our communities every day,” it went on to say. “They uplift others. They take roads less traveled. They follow their dreams and are bold in their self-expression. Glow is a polish to match.”


Lyft has pretty consistently made efforts to position itself as a ride-sharing app that women can trust, and it seems like ladies are picking up on the company’s girl-power vibes. Most of Lyft’s passengers are women, and more than 30 percent of its drivers are — “two times” that of its nearest competitor (we’re guessing that means, well, you know who). Plus, this past February, Lyft partnered with the White House-lead initiative It’s On Us to end sexual assault. This fun little summer tribute is like a cherry on top.

We just can’t help but wonder if a startup nail polish series featuring Twitter blue and Snapchat yellow is in the works.

Would you wear Glow pink on your digits this summer? Tell us which company color you want to see turned into a nail polish next in the comments below.

(Photo via Lyft)