Kids these days have great technological opportunities available to them, like coding apps that teach kindergarteners to program or more hands-on robotics kits that teach kids how to create circuits. As unbelievable as it all is, we have no doubt that it’s all only going to get even more unbelievable. Now there’s even a wearable called JUMPY that’s made specifically for five- to eight-year-olds, and it just might blow Leap Frog’s LaunchPad out of the water.

JUMPY is a smartwatch that allows parents to check up on their kids with ease. Rather than getting your kindergartener a brand new iPhone 6, JUMPY is a great way to send reminders to your child or even text messages telling them to come downstairs for dinner. All of the reminders are then told to your kid through a talking, cartoon dog avatar.

It even monitors your child’s activity so you don’t need to wonder if he or she is getting enough daily exercise. You won’t need to tell your child to go out and exercise more because the talking dog avatar will do it for you. Think Fitbit meets Ringly and add on some kid-friendly apps. Yup, this smartwatch has even got some creative educational apps inside to help foster a child’s imagination.

The coolest feature is that JUMPY can be used as a controller for Bluetooth toys and it can be taken out of its watch band to be used as an interactive device on a tablet. JUMPY is iOS and Android compatible and it does a great job of helping kids stay active while remaining educational. They’ve still got a couple weeks left on their Kickstarter. If you want to get a JUMPY smartwatch for your little one, you can get it by pledging $99.

Would having a JUMPY smartwatch make taking care of the kids easier? What would you use JUMPY for most?