Being single is awesome. Not only are you free to travel solo, but science just proved that being single is actually better for your health! With that said, there’s no shame in wishing you were in a perpetual honeymoon phase with an S.O.  Luckily for you, the cosmos are currently conspiring to get you close to coupledom, stat. We chatted with Ambi Sitham, astrologist and life coach, to get the lowdown on why Jupiter in Libra means total love vibes and what you can do to harness all that heart eyes energy.

young couple in love

The planets move into different areas of the zodiac every year, with each planet bringing its specific characteristics to whichever house it’s in during that year. Jupiter is the planet of love, blessings, hope, growth, opportunity, miracles, healing and harmony. Libra is the zodiac sign that dominates our one-on-one relationships. Put the two together and, as Ambi says, “Holy greatness! This is the year of love.”

She says to expect quick proposals, sudden engagements, lots of babies and, conversely, lots of breakups. “There’s often a purging process that has to happen first,” she explains. “Think of this period like a garden: First you have to till and clear the ground before the seeds can be planted.” She says this is a time to create harmony in your relationship with yourself, “clear up old relationship karma” and work out any baggage you may be toting around from your past.

And while the universe always has your back, Ambi says you can’t just “sit back on your bum” and wait for Jupiter to deliver your soulmate to your doorstep this year. She suggests writing down what you most need and want from your partner and to also seriously think about what you can offer your future bae. In other words, manifest your ideal relationship.

Additionally, if you’ve been giving your Tinder account a major workout lately, Ambi suggests being “a bit more discerning” this year. If you’re newly single or have been shy to swipe, she encourages you to “get out there and invite love back in.” She explains that “Libra is the sign of the scales, so it’s all about balance. This is the time for an equal partnership in your life.”

Jupiter will be in Libra until October 10, 2017, and with all the new singles on the dating scene (Brad Pitt, are you reading this?!), it feels like we’re in for quite a dramatic and positive year. “There’s an opening in the universe… and it’s an amazing time for better relationships,” Ambi says. We’re ready!

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