Anyone remember that #throwback commercial that showed pill-sized capsules transforming into dinosaur-shaped sponges and all we had to do was “Just add water!” — anyone? Well, the concept of just adding water might not be too far off from becoming a reality in the food industry. Yup, that’s right. The future of food might not be limited to just 3D printing anymore.

Created by Koz Susani Design, JustAddWater, or JAW, is an upcoming line of smart kitchen appliances that are all wirelessly connected to you and your habits and activities via an app. There are different “flavor pills” that — despite sounding totally artificial — are packed with nutrients and are even organic. These flavor pills aren’t meant to be cooked by themselves. They’re simply healthy flavor enhancers that make your dishes easier to prepare.

The appliances in this smart kitchen line include a “warm soup” device, water cooler, hot tea boiler, energy juicer and a grinder. The warm soup device caught our attention with its flavor cubes, which are pre-made soups in a cubical form. The precise amount of all the ingredients are contained in a single cube. Use the Vegetable Broth cube when you’re cooking up some soup or choose the Thai Soup and add whatever fresh ingredients the appliance tells you to. Yeah, you read that right. The warm soup appliance comes with a touchscreen that shows you the ingredients you need to use with your flavor cubes — like the smart oven, MAID.

The JAW line isn’t limited to kitchen appliances. Koz Susani Design is planning to create wearables and fitness trackers. (We’re falling in love.) The wearables would take part in creating the perfect diet for you. So as you’re getting your morning exercise, the app is already making a list of suggestions from protein gels made in your JAW juicer to fiber nests made in the JAW grinder.

It’s crazy to think how the future of food may just be to either add water or to 3D print your meal. All of our negative perceptions about fast food may even begin to change over time with these quick, nutrient-dense options.

Where do you see the food industry headed? What are you thoughts about these “future foods?” Tell us in the comments!

(h/t Fast Company)