It’s so great to have people in our lives that we adore to the moon and back — like our mentors who give great advice, our friends who will stop by every wacky roadside attraction with us when we’re roadtripping and significant others who craft stellar date nights, just to name a few. When you’re feeling particularly star-struck by them, pick up one of these delights, which make the greatest “just because” gifts ever.

everything tote

1. Bando Everything Canvas Tote ($20): Your loved ones deserve the ability to carry everything they need with them wherever they go with this super cute and ultra-sturdy canvas tote.

wishbone mug

2. Wishbone Mug ($20): Wishbones are the universal symbol for hope and dreams — give one of your favorite people a wish-filled mug to sip their coffee from every morning.

bacon kit

3. The Original Bacon Kit DIY Bacon Kit ($24): Everyone loves bacon, but sometimes it’s hard to come across an excuse to let yourself indulge. But when bacon is gifted to you, you simply cannot say no and you’re stuck eating it just to be polite… bummer ;)

glitter iphone case

4. Bando Glitter Bomb iPhone 6/6S Case ($27): Some people light up your life even more than sunshine, rainbows and glitter combined. For those sparkly people, surprise them with this iPhone case that reflects the same fabulous shimmer that’s inside of them.

whiskey mixer

5. White Whale Mob Man Rye Whiskey Mixer ($11): If one of your special people is a whiskey lover, giving them this anise-and-more whiskey mixer just because will probably send them into a fit of tears of joy.

pyramid soap

6. Equilateral Handmade Soap ($12): It’s the little things in life that make it so special, and these pretty pyramid soaps are a lovely example of that. Gift a special someone these cute soaps that are almost too adorable to use.

seed kit

7. Modern Sprout Kraft Seed Starter Kits ($17): There’s hardly a better way to say “You matter to me!” than by giving someone this seedling kit that ensures their food will be yummy and just a little bit healthier with the addition of home-grown herbs.

spring cookie kit

8. Acme Party Box Co. Spring Milk and Cookies Gift Set ($19): This cookie set is guaranteed to produce some of the cutest cookies that the recipient has ever seen. You can even take it one step further and do the baking, simply delivering the finished product to the one you love.

heartbeat necklace

9. Gazel Corazon Heart Beat Necklace ($60): Designed to mimic the sound wave produced by a human heartbeat, this necklace is the sweet way to warm the heart of someone you care about.


10. Happy Plugs Earbuds in Gold ($29): Everyone loves music, but no one loves poor sound quality. Give your adored one the gift of good tunes and good style too with these Happy Plugs.

flower crown

11. Made by Brit + Co Paper Flower Crown Kit ($19): A flower crown?! Yes, please! There is no better way to make someone you love feel like the special fairy princess that they are than with this paper flower crown kit.

cat ears

12. Zerouv Cat Ear Sunglasses ($10): Whether your special someone is a mega cat lover or not, these adorable shades will put a smile on absolutely anyone’s face — promise.

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