We’ve all had that moment. A slow motion view of your cup tilting sideways and splashing liquid all over your laptop or iPhone. Definitely a day ruining moment. How many times have we wished for a cup that we wouldn’t be able to knock over? An un-spillable cup. Well, friends, believe it or not, someone has created a solution to all of our problems!

A few years ago, eight-year-old Lily Born noticed a problem. Her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s Disease, was always spilling his drinks and causing lots of bending and cleanup for her grandmother. She decided that something had to be done about this — and she was the one to do it.

Using a simple plastic cup and some molding clay, Lily dreamed up a sipper with legs. Basically, an un-spillable cup, which later became the Kangaroo Cup. With her father’s help, they took her idea into production and created a ceramic version of it that made everyone and every coffee-stained keyboard everywhere rejoice.

If you’ve been looking for the perfect cup, the search ends here. Kangaroo Cups sit on three legs, making them almost impossible to spill, and they feature a curved lip that keeps liquid from sloshing over the sides. The legs also raise the cup above the table so there is no need for a coaster. Bonus, they’re stackable! Yay for organization!

We’re already wildly impressed with young Lily, but she’s not done inventing yet. As perfect as her innovation is, she’s working on making the un-spillable cup unbreakable too. And here’s where you come in. Lily is looking for support to turn her ceramic Kangaroo Cups into plastic. They’re half way to their Kickstarter goal and only need a few thousand more dollars. So, let’s talk pledging shall we :)

For a pledge of just $25, you’ll receive four transparent or multi-colored Kangaroo Cups. Four whole un-spillable cups! Do you realize how many keyboards and phones that could save? Yeah, you want to be on this wagon. The original ceramic version is still available in five colors. Let’s make this super-cup, from a super girl a reality.

What do you think of the Kangaroo Cup? Love the idea? Know a kid doing great things?! Tell us!

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