Katy Perry is well known for taking fashion risks and playing up her style (whether she鈥檚 onstage on the campaign trail or mixing things up with her wild hair color), which is why Hollywood adores her as much as we do. When the singer turned up to this year鈥檚 Met Gala with a glam-goth look extenuated by surreally light eyebrows, it was as shocking as the star intended it to be. But it turns out that Katy Perry鈥檚 bleached eyebrows were more of a risk than we ever could have imagined, and not just for one, but two HUGE reasons!

Katy Perry _ Mat Gala _ bleached eyebrows

Wearing a striking velvety navy blue Prada gown with exquisite gold detailing and an up-do that resembled a wide beehive, Katy鈥檚 look was meticulously planned by her stylist, Leslie Fremar. All but one major detail. Katy鈥檚 bleached eyebrows.

鈥淥h, I dyed my brows about 45 minutes ago,鈥 Perry told Vogue on the red carpet, according to People. 鈥淢y stylist Leslie was like having a panic attack, had to drink two tequilas 鈥 she was like 鈥榃hat are you doing?!鈥 I鈥檓 like trust me, trust me, trust me!鈥

Leslie really had no choice but to trust the star at that point, although the stylist would have preferred to do without the shock. 鈥淚f it were up to me would she have had eyebrows? Yes. But you know what? It wasn鈥檛 up to me. She really did just want to be bold, take risks and embrace the night. She wanted to have fun with it. She鈥檚 freaking Katy Perry! That鈥檚 what she does 鈥 she has fun!鈥

Katy Perry _ Mat Gala 2016

Thankfully for Katy, the bold move paid off (in attention if not for a total love of the look from all fans), but it could have gone VERY differently. Turns out the star didn鈥檛 do the number one thing you should ALWAYS do before bleaching, dyeing or trying any new product. Katy didn鈥檛 perform a pre-test before bleaching to see if she was allergic to any of the chemicals. Serious no-no, girl!

Leslie added, 鈥淚 was like, 鈥楧o you know that you鈥檙e not allergic to that? Do you know that you鈥檙e not going to get a rash on your face right now?鈥 She鈥檚 like, 鈥榃e鈥檒l find out!鈥欌 Anyone who has dyed their hair (let alone their eyebrows) knows why a pre-test is absolutely essential. If Katy had discovered that she was allergic to the solution, it鈥檚 very likely that her bleached eyebrows could have ended very differently.

Although, according to Katy, bleached brows might as well be no brows at this point.

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(h/t People, photos via Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty + Larry Busacca/Getty)