Last night’s CMAs were decidedly controversy-free. Reporters were initially warned they would be banned if they tried to talk about politics or gun control, and though the ban would eventually be lifted, outside of Carrie Underwood’s moving tribute to the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, the show stayed on-script. Single of the Year winner Keith Urban took his performance to the next level, however, with his new song, “Female,” which he says was inspired by the victims coming forward against producer Harvey Weinstein — and it’s leaving people scratching their heads.

Urban dropped the single just hours before the performance, but the lyrics don’t seem to be related to the scandal. On the contrary, it seems a general feminism-lite hot take by the country star. The opening of the song starts off with an empowerment bent, with Urban crooning: “When you hear somebody say somebody hits like a girl/How does that hit you?/Is that such a bad thing?/When you hear a song that they play saying you run the world/Do you believe it?/Will you live to see it?”

But it’s the chorus that has fans really scratching their heads. As soon as Urban dropped the track Wednesday morning, Twitter was buzzing with fans trying to figure out the connection the star has drawn.

Some fans pointed out that Urban’s other songs have been less than flattering when he talks about women.

And others just called it not good.

Not everyone hates the song, however. Some fans are really into Urban’s word salad, grateful that he’s sharing all the different ways women can be seen out in the world, and how each woman is unique.

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