Turns Out, Kendall Jenner DOES Have a Favorite Sister
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Turns Out, Kendall Jenner DOES Have a Favorite Sister

When you’ve got four sisters, your relationship with each of them will undoubtedly be very different. Kendall Jenner‘s relationships with almost 19-year-old Kylie (who is releasing a $195 birthday makeup kit), Kim (who is currently embroiled in a feud with Taylor Swift), Khloé and Kourtney are no different. And Kendall can’t help but play favorites, as she detailed in a recent blog post on her website. Kendall doesn’t have an overall favorite sister — rather, she has her favorites depending on what she’s doing that day.

For example, her favorite sister to veg out with is Kylie. “We love to just hang and goof off together,” Kendall wrote.

When it comes to shopping, though, Kim is the first sis she’d call for a mall trip. “She has the best taste,” Kendall explained. “I’d raid her closet any day, lol.”

But for a night on the town? Kendall’s favorite party partner is Khloé, because she “definitely encourages me to be a little more wild!”

And for a trip to her fave restaurant, Kendall would choose Kourtney for a dinner date. “She inspires me to eat healthier and she alwayyys makes me laugh,” Kendall wrote.

We’re totally all about this sister love — and this kind of playing favorites is actually super sweet.

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