Do you ever have those moments when you’re running around the house, trying to grab everything you need before flying out the door, only to get to your car and realize you can’t find your keys? It’s not fun, especially if they’re attached to the custom keychain you made with your own two hands. In hopes of trying to make those moments happen less often, we’ve compiled 12 DIYs to ensure you’ll never lose your keys again!


1. Succulent Key Holder: Adding a little greenery to your entryway with this colorful key holder is simple and easy. We recommend using a plant that will not only greet your guests with their eyes, but also with their nose, by choosing one that releases a lovely smell. (via Lolly Jane)

2. Boho Succulent Holder: Are you seeing double? Nope; this DIYer decided to make separate key holders for both entryways of her home, so that no matter what door she used, her keys were at hand. Smart! Plus, this one was made with a cute boho stencil — we couldn’t leave it out. (via Lolly Jane)


3. Out-the-Door Box: Before you leave your house each morning, how much time do you spend looking for your keys/wallet/sunglasses? If you’re convinced that your ability to lose these things is incurable, then this out-the-door box is just for you. (via I Spy DIY)


4. Hanging Concrete Monogram: This cool industrial project gives us the warm fuzzies. Whether you’re a newlywed with a new last name, need to make something for each of your kids or just want a gender-neutral decor piece with some functionality to it, this project is a must-make. (via Sugar and Cloth)


5. Chalkboard Key Holder: Your out-the-door time will be on the decline with a key holder like this. Not only will you have a place for your keys, but you’ll also have a fun spot to write reminders and cute notes. (via I Spy DIY)


6. Painted Driftwood Organizer: This functional organizer is major eye candy for all of you bohemian decor lovers. It can be used to house your keys, jewelry and even work badge lanyards. (via The Sweetest Digs)


7. Wooden Slab Key Holder: Who wants to try an easy DIY with a big impact? If you’re looking for a way to make this functional piece look as colorful as your personality, here’s a great rustic color-block key holder you can make your own. (via The Crafted Life)


8. Neon Wall Hooks: When you don’t have a lot of counter space, wall hooks become a necessity. This is from a nursery DIY, but it’s so cute and colorful, we think it would work in any room of the house. (via Say Yes)

burkatron DIY key shelf

9. Key Shelf: Do you ever find your keys hiding in a place that you’re convinced you never put them in? This DIY welcome-home shelf may end your battle to find your keys — or at least provide a good landing spot to check first. (via Burkatron)


10. Agate Wall Hook: This striking display can be used to hold your jewelry and your keys. The style of this decor piece brings an earthy beauty to any room. (via Desert Domicile)


11. Entryway Organizer: This sleek mail and key organizer looks awesome, and it’s great for keeping your entryway tidy. All you need is some wood and a few pieces of cabinet hardware. Plus, you can choose different wood and alternative drawer pulls in, say, bronze or brass to match your decor. (via Home Depot)


12. Pegboard Wall Organizer: This DIY will keep everything in your life more organized. We’re talking keys, sunglasses and your bag, all in one convenient spot. (via The Merry Thought)

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